Welcome to Pro Mobile Car Wash, a mobile car wash company offering you premium car wash services in Malta.

Get your car washed within minutes any place you want, without visiting a faraway car wash center and having to take time of work. Call us and we will send our mobile car valet unit that is fully equipped to wash your car inside out, giving it a thorough brand new look.

We offer you mobile car valet systems that drive right up to your provided location in Malta and wash your car with our equipment on the spot. Our valet systems are completely equipped with all the needed tools that are essential for giving your car a new shine. We wash every car by hand and use no machine wash systems that may leave a scratch on your much adored car. Our valet systems are geared up with water, electricity, steamer, vacuums, washing units, wax protection shampoos, dryers, sponges and chamois, tire washing systems with black shine that give your car the perfect look. To ensure you with our premium quality car wash services, we use only the best branded car wash products.

Simply select from our car valet menu and we will reach you in the shortest time duration possible to give your car a proper wash. Our menu includes

Ø  Outside Wash

Ø  Standard Wash

Ø  Deluxe Service

Ø  Deluxe Interior Wash

Ø  Dent Repair Service

Each of these car wash services vary from each other and are designed to give your car the perfect clean look you need. We are operative throughout the week, from Monday to Saturday, starting 8am to 5pm. Moreover, the costs of our car wash systems are affordable and also inclusive of VAT charges.

Check our car valet menu and services to learn more about our services and costs. Contact us today to make your car wash bookings and get professional hand car wash services in Malta.


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