Other Services

Certified Fumigation Services

Our certified service is an excellent way to disinfect the premises of commercial outlets, schools, offices, shops or homes. It is highly effective and can be used as either a preventative or curative measure.

Post Construction Cleaning

We are flexible, reliable and have an innovative approach. Our new team of experts are specialists in concrete removals, post construction cleaning and floor polishing for the construction industry.

Sofa Cleaning

Extend the lifespan of your sofa by making it look cleaner, brighter and feel fresher. Our team of dedicated and diligent cleaners will make it look brand new in no time removing embedded dirt and stains.

Carpet Cleaning

Get rid of stains, germs and the build up of bacteria with our excellent and cost effective carpet cleaning services which would give your carpet a new lease of life making it look cleaner and feel softer.

Boat Detailing

Our boat detailing experts offer you a complete exterior, interior boat detailing service to ensure your marine vessel regains and sustains its great appearance.

Window Cleaning

We have a network of window cleaning technicians that deliver the highest level of quality service both for domestic and commercial buildings. Our staff are prompt, professional and reliable and come fully equipped to all locations.

Headlight Restoration

We restore cloudy, hazed headlights and remove condensation that causes fogginess that affects the drivers view. Our headlight restoration service will not only restore your vehicle’s headlights, but also protect them. 

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our team of expert solar panel cleaners focus on all aspects of solar panel cleaning service removing every bit of dirt, dust and rainwater residual present on the panels blocking out sunlight..

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